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Cubitron™ 3 7100303857 Type 1 Cut-Off Wheel, 4 in Dia Wheel x 0.035 in THK Wheel, 0.375 in Center Hole, 60+ Grit, Precision Shaped Ceramic Abrasive


Item #CAP7100303857



Mfr. Model #7100303857


Sold in Packs of50

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Mfr. Availability63400

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Product Features

  • • SPECIALIZED FUNCTIONALITY: Creates perpendicular cuts using the outer edge of the wheel, making them ideal for cutting through metal, including autobody or marine sheet metal, stainless steel tubing, exhaust pipes, clamps, rusted fasteners, and more
    • ENHANCED SPEED: Delivers up to 10% increased cut rate compared to 3M Cubitron II Performance Abrasives to help reduce the amount of time and pressure required to get the job done
    • FEWER CHANGEOVERS: Removes up to 3x more material compared to 3M Cubitron II Performance Abrasives
    • LONG LASTING: Designed to last longer than leading competitors
    • 3M RE-ENGINEERED PRECISION-SHAPED GRAIN: Uses Re-Engineered Precision Shaped Grain, a breakthrough proprietary molecular bonding technology designed with sharp, angular structures that continuously fracture to form sharp points to optimize breakdown
    • For industrial/occupational use only; Not for consumer sale or use