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Cubitron™ 3 7100303966 Type 27 Grinding Wheel, 4.5 in Dia Wheel x 0.25 in THK Wheel, 0.875 in Center Hole, 36+ Grit, Precision Shaped Ceramic Abrasive


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Mfr. Model #7100303966


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Product Features

  • • HEAVY-DUTY: Designed for heavy weld removal and other heavy-duty grinding applications on almost all materials while being specially formulated for use on stainless steel, mild steel, and aerospace alloys
    • ENHANCED SPEED: Delivers up to 15% increased cut rate compared to 3M Cubitron II Performance Abrasives to help reduce the amount of time and pressure required to get the job done
    • FEWER CHANGEOVERS: Removes up to 1.5x more material compared to 3M Cubitron II Performance Abrasives
    • LONG LASTING: Designed to last longer than leading competitors
    • 3M RE-ENGINEERED PRECISION-SHAPED GRAIN: Uses Re-Engineered Precision Shaped Grain, a breakthrough proprietary molecular bonding technology designed with sharp, angular structures that continuously fracture to form sharp points to optimize breakdown
    • For industrial/occupational use only; Not for consumer sale or use