E-Commerce Solutions

Automated Procurement Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

APS PunchOut

Simplify your purchasing life with the DGI Supply's PunchOut catalog. The punchout solution enables the direct connection between ERP or an e-procurement system of the buyer and the storefront of the supplier. This offers a variety of benefits including simplified ordering process, customized e-approval process, decreased rogue spending and more.

Custom Web Store

Our e-commerce solutions also features custom catalogs and online web stores based on your frequently used items. Only the items you preselect will show up on your custom web store, and the cost of these items will also be predetermined to ensure that your costs will not fluctuate.

DGI Supply Zap 5.0

The DGI ZAP 5.0 is a customer managed bar-coding program exclusively for DGI customers that provides a turnkey inventory ordering system