Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

DGI Supply is an industry leader in automated inventory controls. Our inventory management systems allow your company to provide a streamlined process for controlling the flow and maintenance of inventory to ensure what you need is available, when you need it. We use cutting-edge technology to monitor your use of inventory to drive your costs down and your profits up. We offer a completely turnkey solution, including software, setup, training, service and support from a team of experts.

  • Manage check-in/check-out of durable items
  • Reduce walk time
  • Reliable data intelligence
  • Robust reporting allows you to turn data into information for better decision-making
  • Reduce stockouts
  • Controlled gauge management / Automated gauge calibration and tracking
  • Automated ordering
How it Works

We deliver organization, and monitoring to your inventory locations by:

  • Providing standard reports that give you precise tracking on usage by department, employee, machine and job.
  • Using employee-specific ID cards, proximity card readers and hand scanners to give heightened security to your valuable inventory and data
  • Providing documentation of pending and approved cost saving projects to management
Our 3 primary solutions